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Thank you for your interest in crowdfunding through CrowdThunder at Georgia College & State University. Please apply at any time.

Current students, faculty and staff seeking funds for specific projects are eligible to use the CrowdThunder platform, pending the submission of an application, review and approval. All groups, organizations or teams are allowed to lead one project per school year.

This application will be used to evaluate your project's suitability for crowdfunding.

If accepted, project leaders from each group are required to attend a CrowdThunder training session where they will be given the resources and training to successfully run a crowdfunding campaign.

For questions, please contact Julia Sweeney at or 478.445.5002.

A few notes:

  • Please read the CrowdThunder toolkit before embarking on a project through crowdfunding. This toolkit is designed to walk you through the steps necessary to have a successful project.
  • Each CrowdThunder project must have two Project Leaders. Project Leaders are the main points of contact for the office of University Advancement and will provide updates (new videos, social media postings such as Twitter and Facebook, campus events, and email) throughout the campaign. The Project Leaders will help delegate tasks to other group members.
  • For more information on the mission of Georgia College, please visit All projects should help further the mission of Georgia College by providing an exceptional liberal arts experience.
  • Each question marked with an asterisk (*) is required.

Tell us about yourself


Tell us about your project

How does your project further the mission of Georgia College? GC's Mission: Through its teaching, research, and service, Georgia College enriches the lives of students and their local and global communities.*

Will your project goal be participation-based or dollar-based?*

What is your goal amount?*

For a dollar-based goal, we suggest between $500 and $8,000.

Do you need these funds by a specific date? If so, please list the deadline.*

When would you like this project to be live for donations?*

Please allow a minimum of 10 business days for turnaround.

Who is your target audience for your CrowdThunder project? Please tell us approximately how many email addresses you have for potential donors.*

Note: You must solicit your personal network of family, friends, colleagues, etc. to be successful!

If you don't reach your goal, will you still be able to move forward with this project?*

What is your plan to promote your campaign? Please list how you will communicate with potential donors, key dates, etc.*

What is your affiliation with Georgia College?*

Select one that applies.

If you selected student organization, is your group officially registered with Georgia College? Optional

All student groups should have an adviser on campus. List your adviser: Optional

Please include their full name, department and email address.

Please provide your social media links for the following platforms: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.*

Project Leader 1: Full Name*

The two Project Leaders are the main contacts for the Office of University Advancement.

Project Leader 1: Georgia College Email Address*

Project Leader 2: Full Name*

Project Leader 2: Georgia College Email Address*

How many additional people will help you run this campaign?*

We suggest having a team of at least 3-5 people to champion your project.

Does your group have an existing account with the Georgia College Foundation for depositing funds?*

If you are unsure of your foundation account, please reach out to University Advancement.

If you answered yes to the question above, please provide your Foundation Account Number. Optional

Do you have video content that can be used to promote your project on the platform?*

If you do not have existing video content, are you able to create a short video for your project page? Optional

Videos do not need to be professionally done. They can be used creating iPhones, tablets, etc.

Do you have photos that can be used on your project page?*

If you do not have existing photos, are you able to produce photos to add to your project page? Optional

Why do you think you will be successful in achieving your goal?*

What other assets do you have that will help you develop your CrowdThunder project and promote your campaign?*

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