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2021 Student Giving Society

177 donors have joined together to raise $3,659 for Georgia College!

Class Competition - Show Your Bobcat Pride!

During these challenging times, we are hopeful that your Bobcat pride will shine through as we continue our journey to preeminence! In March, we raised funds for the GC Helping Hands Hardship Relief Fund that directly benefited some of your fellow Bobcats who were impacted by the unexpected financial burdens from the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

With the current events, we want to highlight the Helping Hands Fund as part of this year's SGS campaign, and let you know this is still an active fund you can designate your gift to! 

Join your fellow Bobcats in giving back to the campus you call home.

You may have heard of Senior Class Giving here at GC. Well, we are kicking off an exciting and competitive new twist in the campaign sure to leave a lasting impact on our university! We are excited to announce the Student Giving Society: a competition for the greatest number of student donors by class each year.

At Georgia College, we want our students to leave their mark on GC and ensure a brighter future for the next generation of Bobcats. Make a gift to anywhere on campus that means the most to you and be considered an inaugural member of the Student Giving Society.

If you make a gift at the suggested level for your class year, you will be recognized as a member of the Student Giving Society. Members receive invitations to exclusive events, special alumni networking opportunities, and a commemorative yearly gift.

SENIORS who make a gift of $20.21 will receive a special cord to wear at graduation.*

***If you are eligible for the STARFISH AWARD, you must designate your gift to the GIVE CENTER.***

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