2019 Senior Class Giving

Participation Drive
Commemorate your years at GC with a gift!

2019 Senior Class Giving

The Senior Class Giving campaign is designed to encourage the Class of 2019 to give back to Georgia College in celebration of their years at GC, and to ensure a bright future for the next generation of Bobcats.

Make your mark on the future of Georgia College with a gift of $20.19 today.

With a commemorative gift of $20.19, graduates can make their mark and leave their legacy at Georgia College. Graduates can choose to give to any school, college, department, program, or scholarship that has had a personal impact on them during their time at Georgia College. Graduates will also receive a Senior Donor Pin and cord to wear at graduation, along with a special invitation to our "Philanthra-PARTY"!

Become a Senior Giving Officer today!

A SGO is a member of the senior class who engages in conversations with fellow students to explain the impact of giving back to Georgia College and encourages peer participation in the Senior Giving Campaign.


  • Make a gift at your level of comfort to an area of campus that means the most to you.
  • Engage peers by personally asking them to support the campaign.
  • Organize, plan, and participate in campaign activities and events.
    • At least one business meeting & one tabling event


  • Exclusive incentives for gifts made upon your referral
    • For every 5 people that you’ve referred you’ll get an additional ticket into the raffle to win a GC Branded Diploma Frame ($160 value).
  • Valuable experience in philanthropy, project management, marketing, fundraising, and public relations.
    • We will keep track of the amount of money you help bring in for a standout bullet point on your resume.
  • Access to networking opportunities with GC alumni, faculty and staff

Indicate "yes" on the donation page to become a Senior Giving Officer!

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